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Oceanographic, water quality, and modeling studies for the outfall from a proposed Nansemond waste water treatment plant

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special report in applied marine science and ocean engineering ; no. 86.


  • Vol. 1: Summary and conclusion/ C.S Fang and Bruce Neilson.
  • Vol. 2: An analysis of currents and circulation in Hampton Roads, Virginia / Bruce Neilson and Mark Boulé; Description of non-tidal flows / Maynard Nichols.
  • Vol. 3: Water quality monitoring of Hampton Roads and the Nansemond River, Summer 1974 / Bruce Neilson ... [et al.]
  • Vol. 4. : A survey of commercial shellfish in the vicinity of Newport News Point and Pig Point in the lower James River / Dexter Haven and Paul Kendall
  • Vol. 5: A model for predicting the pollutant distribution from an outfall in a tidal estuary / C.S. Fang and Bruce Neilson.

See also Addendum to report:

Fine Scale Circulation Near "Foxtrot" in Hampton Roads, Virginia: An Addendum to "Oceanographic, Water Quality & Modeling Studies for the Outfall from a Proposed Nansemond Waste Water Treatment Plant"



Tidal currents -- Virginia -- Hampton Roads; water quality; shellfish; refuse disposal facilities; environmental quality

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