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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special scientific report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 60.


  • I. Instrumentation for Measurement of Water Table Fluctuations by John D. Boon, III, and W. Harrison
  • II. The Beach Water Table as a Response Variable of the System by L. E. Fausak
  • III. Changes in Foreshore Sand Volume: Role of Fluctuations in Water Table and Ocean Still Water Level by W. Harrison
  • IV. One-dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Groundwater Flow by W. Harrison, C. S. Fang, and S. N. Wang
  • V. Two-dimensional Finite Element Analysis of the Groundwater Flow by C. S. Fang, S. N. Wang, and W. Harrison



Groundwater flow -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach; Beaches -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach; Sedimentation and deposition -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach; Water table -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach



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