Illustrations by Mary Warinner.

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Educational series; no. 19


This field book was written for those who want to know more about the common tidal wetland plants in Virginia and adjacent coastal states. Extensive field work has shown that these species are commonly found in saltwater, brackish water and freshwater marshes and swamps.

The text is presented in a non-technical vein. However, some of the more important and interesting plant characteristics that need to be explained are done so in basic botanical terms. For this reason a glossary is included for the reader's convenience.

A descriptive key is provided in order to facilitate the identification of species contained in this book. So that the description and illustration can be located quickly, the page number is given along with the common name within the key.

The description of the individual species and/or closely related species is found associated with its illustration. The description includes the general distinguishing characteristics of the plant, its habitat, and its importance to the environment. One of the most important features of this publication is the fine drawings done by Marv Warinner. Thev were drawn primarilv from live specimens collected from various Virginia marshes. Most of the species are depicted during the flowering period.



Coastal plants -- Virginia -- Identification

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