Submission Guidelines

The William & Mary Educational Review represents the many and varied voices within the field of education. All educational researchers and practitioners are welcomed and encouraged to submit pieces that relate to and help advance understanding within the field of education.

  • Submissions for feature articles may include any formal paper that contains original research or design and relates to the field of education. Submissions may also include case studies and literature reviews on educational topic areas.
  • Authors should use brackets to indicate masking of particular identifying information. For example, do not refer to Matthew Whaley Elementary School as the location of your practicum or internship. Instead, refer to the [elementary school]. This will help to protect your anonymity and preserve the integrity of our peer-review process.
  • Any manuscript detailing research conducted on human subjects must also submit evidence of IRB approval.
  • Manuscripts should be written in English and adhere to guidelines set forth in the current (6th) edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, including in-text citations and references.
  • Abstracts may be no longer than 150 words and should include keywords.

Authors are required to submit written permission to reprint from the original publisher any quoted material of 300 words or more from a single source; any quoted material from a newspaper or fictional source, such as a poem, novel, or song; and any table, figure, or image reproduced from another work.