Submissions from 2018


A model archive for a numerical model of geochronological tracers for sediment deposition and reworking applied to the Mississippi subaqueous delta, Justin J. Birchler, Courtney Harris, and Tara A. Kniskern

Submissions from 2017


A Model Archive for a Coupled Hydrodynamic-Sediment Transport-Biogeochemistry Model for the Rhône River Sub-aqueous Delta, France, Julia Moriarty, Courtney K. Harris, Katja Fennel, Kehui Xu, Christophe Rabouille, and Marjorie A.M. Friedrichs

Submissions from 2016


A Hydrodynamic-Sediment Transport Numerical Model for the Waipaoa Shelf, New Zealand: Model Archive, Julia Moriarty, Courtney K. Harris, and Mark G. Hadfield