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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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United States||York River, VA||370 07 23' N, 0760 09 12'W; 370 13 33' N, 0760 18 28'W; 370 39 12' N, 0760 54 00'W; 370 34 54'N, 0760 59 24'W


Dataset consists of profile and water column burst Data collected as part of a longitudinal profiler station survey at approximately 20 km, 25 km, 35 km, 45 km, 56 km and 62 km upriver from the mouth of the York River Estuary.


During each station in the survey a profile or bottom time series was collected with a suite of instrumentation, including: a YSI 6600 CTD, a Sequoia LISST 100X, RDI 1200 kHz ADCP and a Sontek ADVOcean. The raw Data of profile stations are processed to provide a smooth profile of Data throughout the water column and a series of between 2 to 5 minute bursts from various heights in the water column. Bottom bursts are time series collected when the profiler was resting on the seafloor. Total Suspended Solids (and fixed solids) were sampled from depth to calibrate the acoustic backscatter.|The "logbook" is the hand written field notes and instrument setup documents. The "Profiler Set up" is a log of the location and serial number of the instruments mounted on the profiler. The "Consecutive Station Log" is an excel spreadsheet of the metaData associated with each station in the survey. Excel spreadsheet "Averaged Data" contains burst averaged Data and statistics from the water column and bottom bursts. Raw and processed Data from each instrument are zipped in a folder, or series of folders, identified by the type and serial number of the instrument. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).



Sediment transport, settling velocity, suspended size distribution, acoustic backscatter, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, ADCP, Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter, ADV, LISST, conductivity temperature and depth sensor, CTD, Water clarity, radiometer

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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


York River, Virginia Data Archive


NSF grant OCE-0536572,NSF grant OCE-1061781

ADCP 1200kHz SN (5401 kB)
ADCP data

Consecutive Station Log YR130619.xls (33 kB)
meta data

CTD HOBOS (10075264 and 10075265).zip (275 kB)
CTD data

CTD YSI6600 11H100740 (ET1417).zip (181 kB)
CTD data

LISST100X 1239 (V20609).zip (651 kB)
LISST data

Log Book (3).pdf (1095 kB)

Nortek ADV VCH4921 (V21977).zip (10622 kB)
ADV data (1 kB)
Radiometer data

Sontek ADV B335 (V20358).zip (1852 kB)
ADV data

TSS and (12 kB)
TSS data

YR130619 AVERAGED DATA.xlsx (104 kB)
burst averaged data

YR140619_PICS_summary.xlsx (20 kB)
PICS data

PICS Analysis Sixty sec (2).zip (65666 kB)
PICS data

PICS Analysis Thirty Sec (2).zip (246780 kB)
PICS data

PICS Analysis Zero sec (2).zip (279354 kB)
PICS data

PICS Calibration (2).zip (28926 kB)
PICS data

PICS (7814 kB)
PICS data