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Data set archive associated with Kuehl et al. (2019) collected as part of NSF award OCE-1737221. Core and CTD data are from a two-week oceanographic research cruise which was conducted in December 2017 in the Northern Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, using a locally hired vessel. Overall, we occupied 30 stations and collected ~50 sediment cores (kasten, gravity and box), along with CTD profiles on the shelf and inside the Yangon River estuary. The area covered includes both the western and eastern sides of the delta, almost 250 nm across, and southward across the continental shelf to a major submarine canyon at the shelf edge in the northern Andaman Sea. The data set represents both electronic and physical archives.



Northern Andaman Sea, Bay of Bengal, Ayeyarwady Delta, Sediment samples, CTD data, X-Radiographs

Associated Publications

Kuehl, S.A., Yang, S., Yu, F., Copard, Y., Liu, J., Nittrouer, C.A., and Xu, J. 2020. Asia’s Mega Rivers: Common Source, Diverse Fates, EOS, 101,

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Kuehl, S.A., Williams, J., Liu, J.P., Harris, C., Aung, D.W., Tarpley, D., Goodwyn, M. and Aye, Y.Y. 2019. Sediment dispersal and accumulation off the Ayeyarwady delta – tectonic and oceanographic controls. Marine Geology, 417, doi:10.1016/ j.margeo.2019.106000

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