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This data set is a GIS-based landscape (Level one) assessment of the water quality and habitat benefits of non-tidal wetlands from the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) in Virginia utilizing the 2016 National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) and 2016 Tiger/Line roads. The model assessment uses remote sensing and GIS technology to characterize land use patterns and features around wetlands such as surrounding land cover and density of roads as well as individual wetland characteristics such as wetland size and type to determine the wetlands overall condition as related to habitat and water quality functions. The water quality analysis determines the percentages of different land covers and features within the contributing drainage area of the wetland. Habitat and water quality ecosystem services scoring is on a scale from less disturbed to more disturbed and labeled as Slightly Stressed, Somewhat Stressed, Somewhat Severely Stressed, and Severely Stressed.


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Va_NonTidalWetlandConditionAssessment_2016: This is a shape file displaying the stress level and score for water quality and habitat ecosystem services provided by each non-tidal National Wetland Inventory (NWI) wetland in Virginia. The file can be viewed in ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, or uploaded onto ArcGIS Online platform. Metadata is embedded in the layer and can be viewed via ArcCatalog.



Non-tidal wetlands, NWI, Virginia, GIS, Wetland Condition Assessment

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Havens, K.J., C. Hershner, T. Rudnicky, D. Stanhope, D. Schatt, K. Angstadt, M. Henicheck, D. Davis, D.M. Bilkovic. 2018. Virginia Wetland Condition Assessment Tool (WetCAT): A Model for Management. In John Dorney, Rick Savage, Ralph Tiner, and Paul Adamus, editors, Wetland and Stream Rapid Assessments: Development, Validation, and Application. Academic Press.


Funded in part through U.S. EPA's Wetland Program Development Grants.