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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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All samples contained within (37º39’N, 76º54’W), (37º16’N, 76º20’W), (37º8’N, 76º24’W), (37º34’N, 76º0’W)


Dataset consists of all sampling cruises with data that were analyzed and used in the statistical modeling associated with Wright (2021) and Wright et al. (2022). Each cruise folder includes erodibility data that was analyzed using a Gust Microcosm along with sediment and water column characteristics.


During each sediment survey, the vessel was anchored and all sediment samples were taken within the swing circle of the vessel and its anchor chain. Samples were taken using a GOMEX Box Core (surface area = 625 cm2), then sub-cores were collected to minimize edge effects that would disturb the sediment/water interface. At each site, the top ten centimeters, if possible, from two 4” diameter sub-cores were sliced in 1 cm increments and combined for later analysis in the lab for grain size (sand, silt, and clay) distribution as well as percent moisture and percent volatile content by loss on ignition at 550 degree Cº. Two additional 4” diameter cores were analyzed for sediment erodibility using a Gust Microcosm, and two rectangular cores were imaged by digital X-ray analysis. Salinity and temperature profiles were collected at each site with a CTD. For more complete methodology, see Wright (2021) and Wright et al. (202x) (See Associated Publications below).

Each folder represents a single sampling cruise. Each folder name begins with “YR” (representing “York River”) followed by six numbers which represent the date of sampling in the format YYMMDD. For example, August 31, 2014 would be YR140831.

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Sediment erodibility, gust microcosm, estuarine sediment, sediment x-rays, grain-size distribution, organic content, water content, tidal range, CTD, box core, York River

Associated Publications

Dickhudt, P.J., 2008. Controls on Erodibility in a Partially Mixed Estuary, York River, Virginia. Dissertations, Theses, and Masters Projects. William & Mary. Paper 1539617867.

Wright, C.L., 2021. Controls on Estuarine Sediment Bed Erodibility: Insights from the York River Estuary. Dissertations, Theses, and Masters Projects. William & Mary.

Wright, C.L., Friedrichs, C.T., Massey, G.M., 202X. Controls on Sediment Bed Erodibility in a Muddy, Partially-Mixed Tidal Estuary. Frontiers in Earth Science. IN PRESS

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Cristin L. Wright ORCID IC: 0000-0002-5807-3785

Grace M. Massey ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7936-1586

Patrick J. Dickhudt ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8003-7089

Carl T. Friedrichs ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1810-900X


This work was funded by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, SERDP Projects MR-2409 and MR18-1233, and NSF Awards OCE-0536572, OCE-1061781, and OCE-1459708.