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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Coastal Hydrodynamics and Sediment Dynamics (CHSD)

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Spatial Information

All samples contained within (37º39’N, 76º54’W), (37º16’N, 76º20’W), (37º8’N, 76º24’W), (37º34’N, 76º0’W)


Dataset consists of burst data collected as part of a tripod deployment. The tripod included the following instruments: Acoustic Wave and Current Profiler (AWAC).


Tripods were deployed for a prolonged amount of time to monitor suspended sediment fluxes as well as conductivity and temperature. Because the tripods were deployed for longer periods of time, biofouling did occur. To combat biofouling, the AWACs were treated with Interlux Trilux 33 antifouling paint, including a thin coat of over the acoustic sensors. This thin layer of paint had a negligible effect on the acoustic data collected by the AWAC. Optical sensors included on the tripod did not have any anti-fouling paint on the sensors (which means their reliability timeframe may be shorter than acoustic sensors), and were secured to the tripod using copper supports. The tripod structure itself was painted with Interlux MicronCSC anti-fouling paint and all instrument bodies were wrapped in cellophane and electrical tape for easy removal of biofouling. It should be noted that data occurring closer to the start date of the deployment is more reliable than data collected later in the deployment. Any excessive biofouling of the tripod should be listed in the logbook during retrieval.

List of files:

• AWAC – This folder includes all raw data from the tripod deployment. If the data are processed, MATLAB m-files are also included.

• Logbook – Hand-written field notes and instrument setup documents. This file also contains the deployment log of locations and samples taken during the cruise. All field notes and complications/observations are included here.



Sediment transport, suspended sediment, ADV, acoustic Doppler velocimeter, CTD, conductivity, temperature, depth, LISST, sediment trap

Associated Publications

Master Sampling Spreadsheet and Timeline for MUDBED Project

Tripod Deployment: YR160526 to YR160727, ADV, Clay Bank, York River Virginia

Publication Statement

Grace M. Massey ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7936-1586

Carl T. Friedrichs ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1810-900X


NSF grants OCE-0536572, OCE-1061781, and OCE-1459708