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Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, caused by the global reliance on fossil fuels, is one of the leading causes of climate change. As a result, the energy industry is pivoting towards cleaner, more sustainable methods of meeting energy demands. Dominion Energy has employed a multitude of initiatives to combat human-induced climate change, like the process of environmental review. In this paper, I will discuss my experience with the company as an Environmental Services Intern and analyze two environmental reviews. These reviews are comprehensive risk assessments and cautionary responses to potential electric distribution projects that mitigate environmental harm and put protections in place for natural resources. Assessing environmental risk and advising project designers on the necessary permitting needed for their electric distribution projects is a foundational building block of environmental stewardship. Environmental review, while seemingly small, promotes all-around sustainability within the entire company and pushes Dominion Energy farther in reaching their net-zero carbon goals.

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Spring 2022



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Rowan Lockwood