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Bachelors of Science (BS)




William McNamara

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Robert Pike

Kristin Wustholz


An iron polypyridyl complex has been synthesized, characterized, and analyzed as an electrocatalyst for proton reduction. The complex is highly active in both organic and aqueous solutions, exhibiting a catalytic rate of 1200s-1 at 660 mV overpotential in acetonitrile and 3500s-1 at 800 mV overpotential in 1:1 water:acetonitrile. These rates establish the complex as one of the most active iron electrocatalyst for proton reduction reported at this time. Additionally, the catalyst can generate hydrogen from aqueous buffer solutions between pH= 3-6, with a turnover number of 23 over one hour at a Faradaic efficiency of 98%.

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