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Bachelors of Science (BS)


Interdisciplinary Studies


Michael Brennan Harris

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Randolph A. Coleman

Ken Kambis


Pre-workout supplements (PWSs) contain a cocktail of ingredients that are marketed to increase energy levels, endurance, and muscle power. PWSs are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have a history of causing adverse side effects. The goal of this study is to independently analyze the efficacy and safety of Pro Supps Mr. Hyde (MH) in resistance trained rats. Data suggest that six weeks of pre-workout supplementation in rats undergoing resistance training results in modest efficacy with improvement in amount lifted but no change in muscle mass. Urinary creatine tests and vascular reactivity tests were selected as biological markers of safety. Urinary creatinine tests revealed that the MH group demonstrated elevated creatinine levels; however, urinary creatinine may not be a conclusive indicator in determining renal function. Data from vascular functions tests revealed no significant differences. More research needs to be conducted because there is a scarcity of literature that explores the effects of PWSs on resistance training and safety. Given that each formula has a unique proprietary blend, a general consensus regarding the efficacy and safety of PWSs cannot be inferred. This study is novel because it is the first of its kind that conducts an independent analysis of acute MH supplementation. Future research efforts are still necessary due to the popularity of PWSs, the lack of regulation and accountability, and the high degree of product variability.

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