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Dr. Paul Heideman

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Dr. Laurie Sanderson

Dr. Meredith Kier

Dr. Diane Shakes


This pilot study tested the ability of the materials we created to elicit higher-order understanding and model-based reasoning (MBR) at three high schools. Participants completed iterative review sessions for an introductory biology topic, either through sketching or reading a text outline. After iterative review, participants responded to a single-question assessment. The question involved transfer of the information provided to students. The structure-behavior-function (SBF) coding structure used to analyze student answers distinguished levels of understanding in student responses (descriptive, explanatory, or integrative). However, grading written text responses alone did not provide adequate information to determine whether the student participants utilized MBR in developing their response. A later pilot or full study will utilize revised materials to continue to assess potential applications of sketching.

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