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Honors Thesis -- Access Restricted On-Campus Only

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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Robert Hinkle

Committee Members

Douglas Young

Lisa Landino

Lizabeth Allison


This research involves the synthesis and investigation of asymmetric diyne and polyyne compounds for biological activity. Antimicrobial resistance poses a constantly increasing threat to society. Therefore, it is vital to synthesize new medications as the current treatments become ineffective. Asymmetric diynes and polyynes, molecules containing multiple conjugated acetylenic units, have been isolated in nature and demonstrate a wide range of biological properties. Overall, this thesis discusses the application of the solid-supported Glaser-Hay coupling to synthesize asymmetric diynes and polyynes, Products are then tested for a variety of biological properties. Studying the activity of this class of molecules is critical, as they have potential downstream applications in drug discovery and disease treatment.

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