Date Thesis Awarded


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Honors Thesis -- Access Restricted On-Campus Only

Degree Name

Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Global Studies


Deenesh Sohoni

Committee Members

Francis Tanglao-Aguas

Elyas Bakhtiari


This paper examines the history of affirmative action and how universities choose to pursue diversity and inclusion. Through understanding William and Mary’s diverse recruitment strategies, the question asked is, “How does this university ensure subgroup diversity for heterogeneous populations such as Asian Americans?" Asian Americans as a whole are overrepresented in higher education, but many Asian American subgroups face significant barriers to higher education. Through researching how colleges enact affirmative action and the demographic make up of Virginia’s Asian population, this thesis seeks to understand if William and Mary can ensure a diverse population of Asian American students without any data to guide their methods.

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