Date Thesis Awarded


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Honors Thesis -- Access Restricted On-Campus Only

Degree Name

Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Modern Languages and Literatures


Jennifer Gully

Committee Members

Veronika Burney

Anne Rasmussen


This work is composed of three major parts: Part 1 will focus on how cultural production is an arena for power negotiation, the politics of rap as a medium, the rise of the Turkish German rap tradition, a history of policing culture in Germany, and how what is subversive and what is ideal give contour to the euromasculine paradigm. Part 2 will look at how historical orientalism and beliefs about men of color influenced German law, ideas of miscegenation, sexuality and protection of White women from the threat of Brown men, the history and impacts of Turkish migration to Germany, and the current cultural backlash and return to orientalism. Part 3 will analyze five songs that explicitly mention the sociopolitical status of Turkish Germans for how they support and refute euromasculinity, and the ways they reference Middle Eastern, Islamicate, and Turkish ideas as a counter-paradigm.

On-Campus Access Only