Date Thesis Awarded


Access Type

Honors Thesis -- Open Access

Degree Name

Bachelors of Science (BS)




Christopher Carone

Committee Members

Joshua Erlich

David Armstrong

Paul Davies


We consider nonlocal Lorentz-violating theories, with infinite-derivative quadratic terms. The nonlocal modifications in the form of exponential damping in the propagator lead to a better convergence of amplitudes than in the local theories. Moreover, the nonlocal Lorentz-violating theories are ghost-free and unitary when formulated in Minkowski space. We compute the loop effects assuming one-parameter and two-parameter nonlocal functions. By comparing the lower bound of the nonlocality scale with the Planck scale, we rule out these theories. We then review a more general argument, developed by Collins et al. (2004), that a microscopic theory with Lorentz violation around the Planck scale has no suppression at low energy. Additionally, we consider the possibility of suppressing Lorentz violation in these theories when there is a hard cutoff.