Date Thesis Awarded


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Honors Thesis -- Open Access

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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Paul Kieffaber

Committee Members

Cheryl Dickter

Robert Kohl


The present study sought to explore the effect of repetitive sub-concussive head impacts on the P3 event-related potential (ERP) amplitude and measures of movement kinematics. University students participating in collision, contact, and non-contact sports at the club and varsity level completed a cued visuomotor adaptation task. Results indicated that participants who estimated experiencing four or more sub-concussive head impacts per week display a significantly reduced P3 amplitude across both normal and adaptive trials. Additionally, participants who estimated experiencing less than four sub-concussive head impacts per week displayed no significant changes in P300 amplitude between “switch” and “stay” trials. This research helps expand our understanding of the potential cognitive and motor dysfunction which may be associated with prolonged exposure to sub-concussive head impacts and discusses the implications of exposing this population to continued head trauma without adequate understanding of the potential consequences of that exposure. Keywords: Cognition, Cognitive-Motor Dysfunction, Concussion, Sub-concussion, American Style Football, Student-Athlete