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Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Theatre, Speech & Dance


Laurie J. Wolf

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Robert Ruffin

Elizabeth Wiley

Dorothy Ibes


This study explores the effects dramatic performance can have on how science is taught and represented in the community. It analyzes performances of a travelling theatre for youth production of The Jungle Book, documents the creative process leading up to the run of the show, explains the reasoning behind key structural choices, and details what aspects of the play marked its successes. This paper’s research supports the need for performing arts as a tool to teach and enthuse young people, and other laypeople, about scientific themes and concepts. The documented production gives an example of what successive attempts to reach out to laypeople might look like. By carefully and diligently creating or funding productions and companies that build on the practices used in this play’s debut, policymakers, science communicators, and entertainment practitioners can work together to deliver meaningful messages through quality performance.

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