Date Thesis Awarded


Access Type

Honors Thesis -- Access Restricted On-Campus Only

Degree Name

Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Art and Art History


Eliot Dudik

Committee Members

Brian Kreydatus

Simon Joyce


Objects of Affection is a collection of gelatin silver prints that emerged from a year-long exploration into large-format photography and self-representation. Photography provides me with both questions and answers as I arrange what exists around me, appropriated imagery, familiar objects, gestures, and organic forms into visceral representations of a feverish inner world. Vintage art magazines, crumpled paper scraps, and miscellaneous objects, consciously collected or serendipitously stumbled upon, find themselves recontextualized by my broader investigations of photography’s capacity for feminine empowerment. This body of work was photographed in Virginia and western Kentucky. My childhood bedroom, college apartment, and local forests: locations wherein I spend the most time and hold the most memories. Time in these spaces feels increasingly fleeting as I navigate adulthood and learn of memory’s delicate nature. Moreover, nostalgia continues to obscure my recollections of childhood like a rearview mirror that works in reverse. Objects may be smaller than they appear.

On-Campus Access Only