Date Thesis Awarded


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Honors Thesis

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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Jonathan Scheerer

Committee Members

Harmony Dalgleish

Elizabeth Harbron

Robert Hinkle


This thesis outlines progress towards the synthesis of aristopyridinone A. Aristopyridinone A is a compound isolated from the traditional Chinese medicine plant Aristolochia manshuriensis. While the plant has been used in a variety of medicinal capacities, the biological activity of aristopyridinone A is unknown. The synthetic pathways presented in this thesis expand on previous work using a merged Diels Alder [4+2] cycloaddition and cycloreversion strategy to form the 2-pyridone core of the aristopyridinone A molecule. These studies also explore the chemistry of the inter-molecular Diels-Alder reaction using a diketopiperazine-derived azadiene.

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