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Honors Thesis -- Access Restricted On-Campus Only

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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Robert D. Pike

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John C. Poutsma

Deborah C. Bebout

M. Christine Porter


This thesis aims to characterize both the structural and luminescent properties of several copper(I) cyanide metal-organic networks. Networks incorporating nitrogen-containing ligands were synthesized through a variety of methods. Ligands studied were either diimine, monoamine, or monoimine in nature. A wide array of products were formed and characterized via single-crystal X-Ray diffraction, X-Ray powder diffraction, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), and/or elemental analysis. Several of the compounds created in this study resulted in novel crystal structures, which are discussed in detail. Strikingly, many of the networks created in this study and discussed in this thesis display intense luminescent properties at ambient temperature. This property provided impetus to study the luminescent properties of various preparation methods, with a comparison of products obtained from each method. Evidence indicates that products of bulk reactions have very similar luminescence properties as those products created through vapor diffusion. Such properties may allow these compounds to be used as sensors.

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Thesis is part of Honors ETD pilot project, 2008-2013. Migrated from Dspace in 2016.

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