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Interdisciplinary Studies


Paul Manna

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John McGlennon

Christopher Gareis


The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), released in 2010, represented a new push to standardize curriculum across states and to promote college and career readiness in schools. The federal government’s Race to the Top grant program indirectly created strong incentives for states to adopt the CCSS, and 45 states and the District of Columbia adopted the standards. Since their adoption, many states have shown signs of moving away from the CCSS through bills introduced in state legislatures and Indiana has recently become the first state to officially opt out of the Standards. This paper seeks to examine this movement away from the CCSS and to answer the following research question: what are the factors that are leading states to show signs of backing away from these standards that they have adopted? This paper addresses internal and external factors that could lead to this outcome, including states’ motivation to move away from the CCSS and the legislative obstacles that states may face in this process.

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