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Honors Thesis

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Bachelors of Science (BS)




Patricia Vahle

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Henry Krakauer

Junping Shi


Through neutrino detection, we strive to provide constraints on various neutrino properties such as $\delta_{CP}$ and mass hierarchy. Neutrinos are difficult to detect and require large neutrino detectors with appropriate conditions to determine $\delta_{CP}$. While several neutrino experiments strive to constrain $\delta_{CP}$, additional detectors are necessary to further constrain these parameters. We present a computational model to determine detector sensitivity towards measuring unknown oscillation properties. This model focused on the CHIPS neutrino detector, a low-cost experiment designed to test detector technologies while providing to the wealth of information on neutrino properties. Sensitivity constraints are presented for $\Delta m^{2}$, $\sin^{2}{(2\theta_{23})}$, and $\delta_{CP}$ at the CHIPS detector.

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