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This study explored whether Personal and Social Development (PSD) teachers, school-based counsellors, and students in Maltese secondary schools perceived processing experiences as empowering to seek counselling, if and when needed. The study investigated if processing techniques within PSD methodology helped develop self-awareness. The research builds on the concept of ethical advertising - opportunity to inform and help clients arrive at courses of actions beneficial for themselves. The literature review discusses processing in the PSD Maltese model, comparing processing with overall counselling experiences. Data were collected through two questionnaires, one for professionals and one for 15 and 16-year-olds completing secondary school education. Results revealed that participants acknowledged the effectiveness of processing with regard to empowerment, information to seek counselling, and increased self-awareness. The results also indicate a need for more students’ awareness with regard to PSD teachers’ specific role, disclosure, and boundaries. Based on the findings, the authors recommend that such a methodology be encouraged in educational systems and that more training and awareness be carried out to clarify teachers’ roles with students so that small-group set-ups yield more effective results.