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It is difficult to conceive that anyone—parent, educator, psychologist, or researcher—interested in giftedness/gifted education could not be aware of the word, overexcitability. What, then, has facilitated the popularity of the word in our field? A major force has been the research conducted investigating this concept’s relationship to giftedness, broadly speaking. What began with a handful of articles, published in the 1980s by a few interconnected American scholars, has become a veritable body of research. Publications in the early 2020s attest to researchers’ continuing interest in the concept. Review of early and recent publications suggests that newer research continues in a similar vein as the pioneering works, with occasional signs of pursuing novel questions related to giftedness. In this article, I trace the evolution of research in this area by producing a descriptive, rather than a critical, review. The purpose of the article is to propose potential implications for both the theory from which overexcitability is derived and for the field of gifted education.