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Sternberg’s (2020) transformational and transactional giftedness are based on a theory of leadership. Transformational leaders are highly moral, make changes that benefit members and society. They are concerned with members’ well-being and development. Transactional leaders are motivated by self-interest, concerned with members’ compliance with expectations and standards. Qualities of these forms are applied to giftedness, yielding transformational and transactional giftedness. Sternberg’s presentation and a review of leadership literature were examined from the perspective of Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration. It is concluded that they resonate well with Dabrowski’s theory. The current article suggests that Sternberg’s transactional and transformational giftedness resemble Dabrowski’s conception of development and intelligence. The author proposes that Dabrowski’s positive disintegration, rather than leadership theory, is a more suitable theory on which to base Sternberg’s new conception of giftedness.