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Book Chapter


Virginia Institute of Marine Science


Eugene L. Cronin

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Report of Workshop on Chesapeake Bay fisheries statistics : Fredericksburg, Virginia, July 12-13, 1982


Chesapeake Research Consortium


CRC publication ; no. 107


Accurate, detailed and timely information on oyster landings are essential to the efficient management of the oyster resources of Chesapeake Bay. Basic types of i_nformation needed are volumes of oysters harvested on: a) designated public beds; b) unassigned bottoms; and c) leased areas. These data need to be as site specific as possible and include the type of harvest gear. Moreover, it is essential to know the portion of harvest which results from state repletion activities (planted shells or seed) and that part originating from natural production. Price, method of harvest, the buyers and sellers identifi_cation, and other similar data are also needed. However, there are today several major problems in the collections of accurate oyster statistics in the Chesapeake Bay region. Accurate oyster statistics are not being collected. Part of the reason for this is that the data base is oriented toward tax collection rather than the collection of biological statistics about the oyster population.

A study of the Present State of Oyster Statistics in Chesapeake Bay and Suggested Remedial Measure