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Virginia Institute of Marine Science


C. Y. Kuo, T. M. Younos, editors

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Proceedings of the Chesapeake Bay Research Conference: Effects of Upland and Shoreline Land Use on the Chesapeake Bay


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The management questions involved in dredging and open water dredged material disposal revolve around three basic issues: 1) stability of the dredged material within the defined disposal area, 2) altered resource value of bottoms affected by dredged material, and 3) mobilization of toxins from contaminated dredged material. These issues encompass all aspects of the physical and biological character of a project site. The actual evaluation of dredging and dredged material disposal has generally concentrated on acute impacts to bottom dwelling organisms, benthos, and or to water column characteristics. This emphasis has resulted in ample evidence that many disposal practices have at least short term detrimental effects. With few exceptions, these studies have failed to assess the relationships between the benthos and the dredged material as a new sediment habitat, or the consequences of altering the hydrodynamic regime, or the resource value of the benthos.

Dredging and Disposal in the Chesapeake Bay