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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science


  • The Saltwater Fishing License and Fisheries Management in Virginia / Jack Travelstead
  • The Economic Valuation of Saltwater Angling In Virginia or Wouldn't You Rather Be Fishing? / James E. Kirkley, Nancy Bockstael, K.E. McConnell and Ivar E. Strand
  • Facilities for ageing Virginia's marine catches / Jack Travelstead, Cynthia Jones and Steve Bobko
  • Habitat-specific occurrence of juvenile Summer Flounder in Chesapeake Bay and the implications for conservation management / Richard Kraus and Jack Musick
  • Feeding habits of large striped bass in Chesapeake Bay / John Walter and Herb Austin
  • Importance of natural and restored seagrass beds in lower Chesapeake Bay as nursery habitat for recreationally important finfish species / Bob Orth and Jacques Van Montfrans
  • Genetic analysis of population structuring within Spanish mackerel / V.P. Buonaccorsi, E.A. Starkey, and J.E. Graves
  • Stock structure and age-specific migration patterns of weakfish (Cynoscion rega/is} along the US Atlantic coast / Simon Thorrold and Cynthia Jones
  • Mycobacteriosis of striped bass from Chesapeake Bay / Wolfgang Vogelbein*, David Zwerner, Howard Kater, Martha Rhodes and Jennifer Cardinal
  • Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) in Chesapeake Bay: age, growth, reproduction and management options for the recreational fishery / John Olney and John Hoenig
  • Assessment of Fishing Mortality for tautog in Virginia / Geoff White, Jim Kirkley and Jon Lucy
  • Ecology and Management of Sharks in Virginia / Jack Musick and Dean Grubbs

Proceedings of special symposium, Research on Recreational Fishes and Fisheries : March 12, 1999