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Virginia Institute of Marine Science


Donald L. Linzey

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John A. Musick, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, contributor.

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Proceedings of the Symposium on Endangered and Threatened Plants and Animals of Virginia ; held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, May 19-20, 1978


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Blacksberg, Va.


The current list of freshwater fishes known from Virginia stands at 206 species, including 10 that are diadromous and 4 others ranked as freshwater-estuarine. Eight of the freshwater and one of the freshwater-estuarine species were introduced to the state. Several additional strictly freshwater fishes are expected to be discovered. The Virginia freshwater ichthyofauna is relatively rich in species compared with most other states. For example, Maryland and Delaware together have 99 species (Lee et aZ., 1976), West Virginia 151 (Denoncourt et aZ., 1975), Kentucky 201 (Clay, 1975), and North Carolina 195 (Menhinick et aZ., 1974). Some of these totals reflect our adjustments for diadromous and estuarine fishes. The other adjacent state, Tennessee has a much richer freshwater fauna than Virginia. <.....>

Virginia's marine and estuarine fish fauna is characterized by its dynamic nature. Most elements of the fauna are migratory. All are highly mobile. Most are widespread coastally and occur in their preferred habitats in many localities within Virginia and other states. Musick (1972) annotated 208 species of marine and estuarine fishes within Virginia's coastal fish fauna, including 174 marine, 24 estuarine, and 10 diadromous (9 anadromous, 1 catadromous) species. Fourteen (10 diadromous and 4 estuarine) species are shared with the freshwater faunal list.

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Contribution (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) no. 867.

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