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Book Chapter


Virginia Institute of Marine Science


Bruce J. Nelson, Albert Kuo and John Brubaker

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Estuarine Circulation


Humana Press


Clifton, New Jersey


An analysis of non-tidal estuarine circulation and local wind events was conducted employing wind and current records taken along the York River. Three distinct response conditions of non-tidal circulation to wind were observed. These conditions exhibited significant temporal and spatial variability. The first was typified by a positive two layer flow response to wind that was significant in the middle section of the York during the first six days of the study. The second exhibited a positive one layer flow response to wind that was significant in the upper section of the York during the last three days of the study, The third exhibited no statistically significant relation between current patterns and wind. This condition occurred near the mouth of the estuary, and it may indicate that the currents near the mouth respond more substantially to conditions in the adjacent· Chesapeake Bay than to those caused by local winds.

The Response of Estuarine Circulation to Local Wind Events

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