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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Project Coordinator, Jackson Davis (VIMS) | Volume Coordinator, Beverly Laird (VIMS)

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The effects of tropical storm Agnes on the Chesapeake Bay estuarine system


Chesapeake Research Consortium


Chesapeake Research Consortium publication ; no. 54


The transient response of salinity distribution in lower Chesapeake Bay to flood waters from Tropical Storm Agnes is studied in terms of a two-layered, partially mixed estuary. Prior to 30 June 1972, surface salinities were well depressed throughout the Bay while those at the bottom near the Bay mouth were not depressed by 5 July. This resulted in a highly stratified situation normally found in the spring of the year. Stratification decreased when bottom waters were flushed down-bay by the flood (on 5 to 10 July for the region south of New Point Comfort). The "rebound" of salinity structure started immediately after the passage of the flood water which otherwise retarded up-bay movement of bottom waters. This "rebound" began on 13 July near the Bay mouth and progressed up-bay reaching the mouth of the Potomac River by 20 July. During this period, surface salinity remained low, resulting in strong stratification again. The recovery of surface salinity by tidal mixing finally weakened stratification to a near "normal" salinity structure by the end of August. The large mass of flood water leaving the Bay mouth is treated as a natural tracer release. The distribution of flood water on the continental shelf indicates that pulses of freshened surface water left the Bay on ebb tide and were separated from one another by intrusion of saltier shelf water on flood tide. During the period when the wind speed was below 4 m/s, the flood water remained in the upper 10 meters of the water column and traveled southward with a speed of 80 cm/sec.

The effects of the Agnes flood on the salinity structure of the lower Chesapeake Bay and contiguous waters

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