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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Project Coordinator, Jackson Davis (VIMS) | Volume Coordinator, Beverly Laird (VIMS)

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The effects of Tropical Storm Agnes on the Chesapeake Bay Estuarine System


Chesapeake Research Consortium


Chesapeake Research Consortium publication ; no. 54


During the Agnes flood hourly tidal height data were collected at seven locations along the tidal James River and currents were measured at two transects in the lower James. A comparison between actual tides and currents and the predicted tidal features as given by the tide and tidal current tables of NOAA was made. Results of this comparison show that Agnes did significantly affect water levels in the upper portion of the tidal James, especially near Richmond. However in the lower portion of the James no discernible rise was evident due to the passage of the flood crest. A small storm surge (<2 >feet) was noted on the day of the passage of Agnes, 21 June, throughout the tidal James. A phase shift in times of high and low water due to the interaction of the two wave systems was not observed. In the freshwater portion of the tidal James currents continually ebbed during the passage of the flood crest. In the saline portion of the system, the flood effect on the currents was limited to the surface portion of the channel.

Flood Wave-Tide Wave Interaction on the James River During the Agnes Flood

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