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Bachelors of Arts (BA)


Modern Languages and Literatures


Robert S. Leventhal

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Jennifer Taylor

Michael Green

Timothy M. Costelloe


My thesis traces the development of Nietzsche's thought on truth. I find in Nietzsche's work two primary categories of truth, which are intimately connected, and which I call the Apollonian and the Dionysian with respect to the aesthetic categories of "The Birth of Tragedy." The first part of the paper deals with the Apollonian truths, i.e. those which are conventionally and philosophically discussed as truths, in three sections, each of which traces the development of one of the three phases of Nietzsche's approach to the problem of truth. The second part explores Nietzsche's concept of the Ur-Eine in order to elucidate the notion of a Dionysian truth, which refers to truth in a psychologically primary sense: something unspeakable that precedes thought and is obscured by it. Taking these two species of truth in tandem, my thesis shows how they constitute a psychological ontology that lies at the core of Nietzsche's work.

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Thesis is part of Honors ETD pilot project, 2008-2013. Migrated from Dspace in 2016.

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