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Metabolic Rates and Hypoxia Tolerences of clearnose skate (Rostaraja eglanteria), summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus), and thorny skate (Amblyraja radiata)
Gail D. Schwieterman, Daniel P. Crear, Brooke N. Anderson, Danielle R. Lavoie, James A. Sulikowski, Peter G. Bushnell, and Richard W. Brill


PCK and TPCK/TPACK: More Than Etiology
Michael Phillips and Judith B. Harris


The Knowledge Base for Geography Teaching (GeoKBT): A Preliminary Model
Jung Eun Hong, Judith B. Harris, Injeong Jo, and Kenneth H. Keller


Linking Sediment Transport and Stratigraphy on the Continental Shelf
PL Wilberg, DA Cacchione, RW Sternberg, and L. Donelson Wright

*Updated as of 08/17/19.